Beach Restoration

Anna Maria Island beach restoration will take place about every 10 yrs at ten million dollars each time. WOW!

Fossilized Sharks TeethIf you never seen it done it is definitely a sight to see.

A submerged pipe of up to five miles long will bring dredged sand from the barge to the beach and a bulldozer and front-end loader will spread the sand on the beach.

musketballsWorkers are able to do about a city block in a week. The beach will expand from an eroded width of about 50 ft. to about a hundred fifty feet wide.

For the shell lovers this is a great time to fine sharks teeth and maybe even some old relics like musket balls - you never know!

The beach was last restored in spring of 2002. Restoration projects from Coquina Beach to Longboat Pass, plus a smaller project near the Sandbar restaurant on the north end of Anna Maria Island were completed in spring of 2011 .

The next major beach restoration project is planned for 2014-2015 and will restock eroded beaches throughout Anna Maria Island.
Note: The beach restoration on White Sands Beach was completed by January 2014.