J. Burns Pizza Shop

308 Pine Avenue Anna Maria, FL 34216,
Phone:  941-251-4070


J. Burns’ whips up 7 inch singles, 12 and 16 inch rounds all day long. We offer all the standard pizza toppings and a comfortable space to enjoy it. Relax inside or kick back on the front porch for a great dining experience. We use only the top ingredients. Our sauce is made from vine-ripe tomatoes, not tomato paste or puree. Our meats are the highest-grade on the market and our cheese is a special blend made just for J. Burns’ and is the best quality. You will be impressed and satisfied. We also provide refreshing Coca-Cola beverages, fantastic subs filled with lots of Boar’s Head meat, choice of salads, and classic ice cream sandwiches or cinnamon knots for dessert. Visit Website for Menu.